New York Burglar Alarm System Installation/Central Monitoring Station

It's been almost two centuries since the advent of the most primitive security alarm. The technological progress has reached great heights over these years and isn't going to stop there. Tangible breakthrough in electronics allowed to improve simple principle of signaling device operation, while the banal method of making/breaking contacts has long gone.

The security alarm now includes various systems, which, in turn, consist of various sensors, controllers and actuators.

Due to this, the modern security alarms have become much safer, gained numerous basic and auxiliary functions, become very popular among individuals and commercial structures, and also opened the horizon of opportunities.

Integration of the security alarm system with Smart Home will improve the security of your home, office or other property significantly. It will also allow you to observe, manage and control the security equipment operation. You will know what is happening and feel completely safe.

The security system will provide a full access control to your home, while Smart Home will be able to "recognize" people and admit them only to the rooms available for public use or for a specific person.

The security alarm integrated into the Smart Home system will inform you about undesirable penetration into your private territory, inform the rescue service, or release the dog from the enclosure to stop a robber. The system will also inform you about other emergency situations: gas leakage, water shortage, fire, etc.

It's up to you how your security alarm responds to certain events – you can set your own script or use a default one.