Residential And Commercial Vacuum Systems Installation in New York

Installation of a central vacuum cleaner will considerably simplify house cleaning and make life easier for any housewife. This device has long been very popular and is not going to give up its positions, because it makes high-quality cleaning comfortable. The days when a housewife had to carry a large and heavy vacuum cleaner and constantly adjust its hose always clinging to the wheels of the heavy thing are long gone now.

A built-in or central vacuum cleaner allows you to clean with pleasure today! All you need is to connect the cleaning hose to the central vacuum wall inlet and select the desired cleaning mode! A dust removal mode, which produces no noise and makes the air cleaner, with be fine for light cleaning! Technical air leaves the living room through a filtration system, which is quite useful for people prone to allergies.

It must be noted that a central vacuum cleaner is much more efficient than its predecessor. The electricity costs remain the lowest even at maximum power. As you can see, the advantages of this vacuum cleaner also include a filtration system with several levels. The engine of the central vacuum cleaner is reliably protected from overheating and moisture ingress, so you won't have to worry about it. You can also clean using several power levels, and a special sensor will display all the necessary information about the health of the system.

All these features combine a reliable weapon against bacteria and dust!

Components of the central vacuum system

The central vacuum consists of four components:

  • engine and power adaptor. This is the most important node of any vacuum system. A filter is placed next to the engine to collect dust and dirt and ensure continuous suction operation. The power adaptor is quite powerful and equipped with a stabilizer;
  • pipes and intake valves. Manufacturers usually make PVC pipes today, especially when it comes to a central vacuum cleaner. Each of these pipes enters a certain wall around your house and connects to a separate intake valve. These valves are additionally connected to vacuum hoses. Depending on your hose length, each intake valve can cover a large cleaning area up to 1,000 square feet;
  • light cleaning hose. Central vacuum hoses are available in various lengths. They are incredibly light and extremely flexible. One end of the hose is connected to the intake valve, while the other is used to suck up dirt and debris. Two types of hoses are available on the market today. One of them turns on instantly when you plug it into a power inlet to start vacuuming, while the other one has a separate switch;
  • brush. There are two types of vacuum brushes that are commonly used with a central vacuum cleaner: an air-operated and electrically-driven brushes.

Types of central vacuum system

There are three types of a central vacuum system:

  • cyclone vacuum system;
  • vacuum system with filter;
  • vacuum system with bags.

The key difference between these types is in the way they release air from dirt and debris. Therefore, you should choose based on your personal preferences, needs and requirements.

Key advantages of a central vacuum cleaner:

  • high suction power with the lowest energy consumption;
  • high efficiency. When cleaning using a central vacuum, there is no need to vacuum one place twice, which reduces time spent on cleaning;
  • several cleaning modes;
  • cleaning can be made more thoroughly and hard-to-reach places are not missed thanks to various nozzles and dustpans;
  • absolutely no noise. The vacuum cleaner itself is located in the closet, so you can't hear the sound of the engine running;
  • use of such a vacuum cleaner is absolutely safe, even with children and animals in the house, because the voltage in the central vacuum wall inlet is just 24 volts;
  • easy operation. All you need to do to start cleaning is to connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner wall inlet. The vacuum cleaner starts after connecting the hose automatically or after pressing the start button on the handle;
  • it cleans the air from bacteria, microorganisms, and allergens. Air passes through multistage filtration system and is removed from the room;
  • manufacturers often provide a twenty-year warranty.

It is quite difficult to do without a central vacuum cleaner today, because the modern life is very active and sometimes there is very little time left for cleaning, although it is vital to keep the place clean. Please don't save on your health and time – better spend money once and enjoy life!