Outdoor Speakers Systems

A weatherproof speaker acoustic system differs from the usual system only by the speakers and case design. This allows to use such equipment outdoor under a very wide range of weather conditions.

The outdoor speakers themselves can have different dimensions, depending on the area required to sound; they also vary by the transportation frequency. Overall, the market for acoustic systems is quite diverse, which allows every music lover to make his or her ideas come true.

What is the difference between regular and outdoor speakers?

Heat- and impact-resistant plastic is used in the case of a weatherproof acoustic system, which can withstand a heavy rain, scorching sun, wind, or other adverse weather conditions. All such products are conventionally divided into two categories:

  • Stationary - intended for use on summer terraces, backyard, in commercial open spaces, etc.;
  • Mobile - for one-time outdoor events.

The first category is equipped with special brackets to mount the speaker in any convenient place. Such equipment is most often mounted under a canopy, but it also "feels" fine in the open air (with proper care). Please also pay attention to the case protection class because its manufacturing technology also varies.

Weatherproof mobile acoustic systems are more impact-resistant and have special handles for their convenient transportation. Special slips allow to avoid difficult installation.

Aside from the protected case, the "insides" of the speakers are important. Who would want to enjoy terrible sound and disgusting hiss? This is why every good manufacturer invests a lot in the development of new technologies.

Sounds perfectly and looks great!

Since the purpose of this equipment is to sound outdoors, its design should match the style of your backyard – it should not spoil it but complement or even be invisible.

Aside from the shelf and floor speakers, you can meet lots of mounting options and even the most sophisticated design ideas that really surprise! This list may contain subwoofers in the form of a dwarf or a speaker that also serves as a flower pot.