Residential And Commercial Security Cameras Installation in New York/Hidden Cameras

Of course, the security CCTV is unable to protect your home from intruders, but it will record the fact of private ownership violation and be a conclusive evidence of a crime. As practice has shown, surveillance cameras are a sort of psychological opposition and a deterrent factor, since a thief is usually afraid to continue the intrusion if he sees that he is being watched.

The functions and capabilities of CCTV systems constantly diversify and expand, but their main task remains the same.

The modern CCTV systems, bundled with a Smart Home system, perform the following tasks:

  • create and distribute a video signal to various devices in your home network;
  • record video on a schedule, by a signal from a motion sensor, by any other sensors of the fire alarm system, or by a command from the landlord;
  • provide convenient access to surveillance cameras using any smart gadget with a screen;
  • provide a comfortable search for old records by date and exact time; and
  • independently test the system for malfunctions and inform the landlord of any problems.

A CCTV system usually consists of cameras producing panoramic shooting, shooting with a changed tilt and scale. This allows to control all zones of the protected area. Night vision and face recognition technologies are also integrated in the system.

Automatic protective mechanisms and bulletproof glass are used to avoid mechanical damage to surveillance cameras.

It is important to mention the quality of the video image, which can save the situation or lives in some cases. The higher the quality of the image, the higher the equipment cost. In any case, it is not a good idea to save on security.

Overall, the CCTV system is not a panacea but can make your home a reliable fortress if bundled with other modern technologies.