New York Video Intercom Systems

When you live in large districts like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or Manhattan, either in a private house or an apartment skyscraper, an intercom is a must. It makes life easier and much safer, helps to avoid many unpleasant situations and get rid of annoying merchandisers.

Our company serves contractors who are primarily interested in intercom systems for multi-family homes. Aside from your entrance door control, we also offer remote control – calls will be received to your mobile phone, so you can easily let relatives and acquaintances in. Our intercom systems are also integrated with CCTV cameras of your private or multi-family home. All the guest visits will be video recorded, and you can check the recordings with sound at any time.

Home video IP intercom systems

Let's take a look at a sample situation to understand better why an intercom system for a house with integration into the Smart Home system is a must.

Suppose you have cooked dinner, and you don't need to search for each family member in your big house to tell them the dinner is ready: you just need to press one button (Page All) or just say: "Alexa, call to all rooms". The system will deliver your message to your family. You can also call a particular member of your family for a private conversation so that the others do not even know about it.

It must be said that the intercom systems make life much easier for people with disabilities, "performing" a large list of operations activated by voice. You can contact your Home Attendant to give instructions at any time.

Intercom systems are a faithful and reliable assistant who can tell you when your children came in or went out, what they were or are doing – overall, you will know everything that is happening in your home.

Intercom systems for business in New York

Intercom systems are used not only for inside communications in residential areas, but also in commercial buildings. The system is used so extensively in this field that sometimes it seems to be a must.

Intercom systems application in business:

  • control of loading operations. Bundled with CCTV systems, they can help find out who and when made a mistake in case of shortage or excess of goods by viewing the record;
  • payroll savings. An employer is able to track the exact time spent on a particular task by a specific employee;
  • quick communication with any room in a commercial building, employee call, and announcement of any news or tasks;
  • etc.

Advantages of the intercom system:

  • support of unlimited number of intercom stations;
  • ability to perform multiple conversations between specific stations;
  • transferring a call to a specific station depending on the time of day or other conditions;
  • transferring a call to another station if a particular station is busy or the call remains unanswered;
  • ability to install an additional relay to turn on the lights, alarm, lock/unlock the doors;
  • ability to integrate with other communication systems;
  • etc.

In must also be noted that it is required in New York to have the entrance door open when the fire alarm is triggered, which can only be ensured by an intercom system installed by competent specialists. This is why you should approach professionals and experts; otherwise, you can face fines and find it almost impossible to undergo the inspection successfully.

Our company will install and configure a wireless or wired intercom system with a due quality, professionally and with a guarantee. We will perform our services within the agreed time for an agreed fee. Contact us to learn more about our services!