Residential And Commercial Lighting Control/Motorized Shades in New York

The modern design ideas use lots of lighting sources to let you enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in any mood and any situation. However, the question is: "How to control them all?".

Lighting control systems

There are two basic lighting control systems: local and global. The local system can be used for individual rooms, because each room has its function. As such, it is usually used in commercial segments.

The global lighting system is often bundled with a Smart Home by integrating sensors into all lighting sources. In other words, the entire inside and outside lighting, from street lamps to wardrobe lights, can be controlled from a control panel or another convenient interface.

Features of the lighting control system:

  • saving power. Automatic switching between day/night and winter/summer lighting reduces electricity costs by up to 30%;
  • lighting control in all rooms. Remote lighting control throughout the house from any room;
  • “walkthrough zones”. Using motion sensors allows to automatically switch the light on/off in a certain area if there are/aren't any people;
  • lighting scenarios. The system offers several lighting options for all occasions – for example, to watch a movie or to create a romantic mood;
  • lighting the house front door. The system lights up the front door and backyard following a specific scenario, depending on the time of day;
  • LED lighting. You can recreate the sunrise and sunset at home, choosing colors and shades you like best;
  • lighting follow-up. This solves the problem of night movements around the house. The path to the toilet or to the fridge will be highlighted, and you won't disturb your family members with an occasional noise;
  • uninterrupted power supply. Spare generators will be automatically switched on in the event of an emergency power outage;
  • power outage. Operating non-essential household appliances will be automatically switched off in case of an emergency overload of the power grid;
  • voltage stabilization. All devices will continue operate in a safe mode, regardless of the voltage in the power grid.

Remote and automatic lighting control

Your intelligent assistant always controls the power grid operation, but you can take it over and switch to a manual control. You can adjust the lighting of either an individual room and entire house using a remote control, wall panel or any other gadget.

Curtains,blinds and motorized shades control New York

Of course, natural lighting is a major factor in the healthy indoor environment, but the modern life does not always allow to enjoy the right lighting, while the modern entertainment sometimes requires special environment in a dedicated part of your home. Besides, a good rest in a brightly lighted room does not always bring the desired result. Curtains and blinds were invented to avoid this. Smart people connected curtains and electric drives not to get out of bed at all. As they say, laziness is the driver for progress. That's a living proof!

The curtains automation is often used for the home cinema, but it is also indispensable in other cases.

What is an automatic curtains system?

The automatic curtains system is the integration of systems with Smart Home for the automatic control of curtains, blinds, windows and other things, where the host can gain a full control via the user interface.

Features of the curtains  and shades control:

  • autonomous or manual control. You will be able to control the curtains yourself or delegate this work to the Smart Home, which will close the windows following the scenario you choose;
  • reaction to weather conditions or time of day. The system will independently make decisions and act. You can take control at any time;
  • householder is at home. The system automatically opens the curtains when the motion sensor or the "householder is at home" mode is activated.

Power inlets control

Not everyone will be able to overcome themselves to rest in bed for "another five minutes" and get up in time to make morning coffee and plain cereals for breakfast. Eventually, you run out in a hurry and forget everything. This is where power inlets control comes at hand.

Remote control of power inlets is another component of the Smart Home, which gives you time to sleep and helps save power.

Convenience of the power inlets control:

  • the system is ready to work with an existing power grid;
  • no need for wall chipping;
  • inlets can be programmed individually or by sample;
  • power consumption of each inlet can be controlled;
  • power inlets switch to a safe mode when the voltage rises;
  • you can switch to manual control at any time.