Design And Installation of a Smart House Systems

Proper configuration and installation of a home automation system (Smart Home) can result both in simple DIY projects and in very complex systems that require specialized knowledge of electronics, software, and other equipment.

You can buy a ready-made home automation system, but it won't meet all the demands of your family because it is capable of the simplest and most primitive operations only.

A high-quality and reliable Smart Home system is customized for each apartment, with due consideration for the preferences and needs of the future owner. This is why we inspect the home and consult with a customer before proceeding to work. As a result, we draw up a plan to agree it with the contractor, electrician, plumber, and other specialists involved in the project; we draw an estimate, purchase materials, and install equipment within the agreed deadline.

We discuss scenarios with the homeowners interested in the integrated control of all home systems, which the customer will use in the future to correctly estimate all the necessary nodes and modules of your system. All modules are controlled by the main controller – the brain of your system. It can be controlled from anywhere in the world with the Internet access on your device (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Smart Watch, and others).

You will also be able to control your home thermostats and air conditioners by programming them to lower or increase the temperature at a certain time. Besides, the system can be controlled with voice commands, using well-known Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which is a very convenient control method, because you don’t have to search for a remote control or your smart device. It must be noted that we start any project today with the Wi-Fi network configuration for the proper operation of all nodes, because most devices are connected via Wi-Fi.

Configuration and installation of a home automation system (Smart Home) is quite complex because your desires and needs must be taken into consideration, along with the specifics of your home or office.

Our company is ready to help you make your home safe, more comfortable and future-proof. Your home will become your right hand, which will control all the processes while you are away. We will give you useful advice and approach your project responsibly! We guarantee customization and creativity!